Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Modesty Standards

I have never taken the time to actually write down what my modesty standards are, but I thought this would be a good place to do it. I thinks it's a good exercise and it will help you think through what your modesty standards are. They may be similar to mine, or very different. But whatever they are, you should have them. Why? Because it's best to set guidelines for yourself before you start building your wardrobe, which will help you not to compromise when you are shopping and picking out new clothes.

No sleeveless shirts without longer sleeved shirts under/over them
Neckline must be within 2 finger-widths from collar bone or higher
No underwear, cleavage, or back showing when I bend over
No tummy or back showing, and back neckline shouldn't be lower than front neckline (no backless dresses :)
Nothing uncomfortably or revealingly tight
Nothing sheer/see through without modest undershirt

Must touch the floor when kneeling
Anything higher or with a slit should be worn with leggings or opaque tights
Not hip hugging/too tight
Nothing sheer/see through

Not too tight (if you can't pull the material without pinching your leg or stretching the material, it is too tight)
Not low-rise (jeans or shirt should cover any skin/underwear when you bend over)
Shorts must cover at least part of the knee when sitting and standing

Swim skirt and tank/one piece - same standards as above, except swim bottoms may be shorter up to mid thigh, swimsuit may be sleeveless but straps must be two finger widths wide
Knee length cover up dress with sleeves should be worn immediately before you get in and after you leave the water

So those are my modesty standards. How about you? Do you have modesty standards similar to mine? Or are they very different? I would like to learn from you what your opinions are, to help me form my own. I'm still trying to figure this out for myself, so your comments would be much appreciated!

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