Thursday, April 5, 2012

Embracing Femininity

As a young teenager, I was a self-proclaimed tomboy. In my attempts to shun everything girly, I felt empty. I felt like I was missing out on something. Of course, what I was missing was the feeling of being feminine. What a wonderful feeling it is! I have decided to embrace my femininity. God created me to be a woman. I treasure my femininity.

So what does embracing femininity look like? For me, it was not being ashamed to wear dresses and skirts. Deep down inside, I loved wearing dresses. But I didn't want to sacrifice my tomboy image, so I acted like I hated wearing them. Embracing femininity also means growing my hair out. I wanted to look more boyish, so I cut my hair short. Now I want to be more feminine, so I am letting it grow longer. Also I am becoming more gentle and kind.

Embracing femininity may be different for you. Maybe it will mean being more gentle or sweet. Maybe you will start wearing skirts more often. Maybe you'll grow your hair out. Whatever it is, just remember that God doesn't make mistakes. He made you a woman on purpose, so be what God created you to be. Granted, some women will be a little more tough than others, while some may be super girly. That's not for everyone. You can achieve balance, being feminine without being a girly-girl. It's an art, and it will take time and work.

What are your thoughts? Are you embracing your femininity?

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