Friday, April 6, 2012

Goal Update

So, it's only been a day since I made my new goals, but I thought I should give an update. I didn't wear a skirt yesterday, and I probably won't today, simply because I don't have any skirts to wear. I do have skirts, but they are more dressy and not really appropriate for every day. I don't know. What do you think? Is it weird to wear dressy clothes just around the house and yard? Anyway, I will be working on adding more skirts to my wardrobe. I'm watching my thrift stores for a longer (knee length) denim skirt. I have a denim skirt, but it's higher than knee length and also has a slit in it so I always wear it with leggings. I want to get a skirt that is long enough that I don't have to worry about being immodest without something underneath.

As for my Bible reading, I am on track so far! I'm not really using a plan, just reading about 4 chapters a day and working through one book at a time. I started a few days ago and so far I've read 2 & 3 John (they're short :), Hebrews, and James. Today I am going to start reading an Old Testament book to balance things out.

I haven't cut my hair at all :)

I've had a daily walk since I made my goals. I went grocery shopping yesterday, so I didn't really go on a walk, but I still walked.

I haven't finished any books yet, but I'm working on a few right now!

So there you have it. Have any goals you're making progress on?

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