Saturday, April 28, 2012

One Skirt, Three Days - Day 2

It's day 2!

I picked out the black shirt today, but it seemed too plain on its own. So I put this scarf on.

But I wasn't crazy about it, plus it might have been a little too warm for it today. So I added this necklace.

It's hard to see it in this picture. Here's a more detailed picture.

I really like this top! Ruffled and gathered :) It makes this plain black top more feminine and elegant.

I'm wearing: Black top - Target, Khaki skirt - Thrift store, Key necklace - Made by me from an old necklace from Kohls. I think keys are so cute :) 


  1. I am in love with keys too and your skirt is beautiful. :D

  2. I love your top, Nicole. And the necklace is super cute. Great outfit!